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SGD40 / per set

  • Please place the order min. 3 days in advance.
  • No cancellation or refund after confirmation of order.




Package* $40/set

25 x Chocolate Coated Strawberries (per set) (Choose 1 flavour)

20 x Mini Cupcakes (per set)(Choose 2 flavours)
VanillaChocolateRed Velvet

20 x Mini Tarts (per set) (Choose 1 flavour)

20 x Macarons (per set)(Choose 2 flavours)
Strawberry (pink)Vanilla (blue)Passion Fruit (yellow)Matcha (green)

20 x Marshmallow Pops (per set)

12 x Cupcakes (per set)(Choose 1 flavour)

10 x Cake Pops (per set)

10 x Dessert in a Cup (per set)(choose 1 flavour)


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