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Cartoon Mooncake Set (Own designs)


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Featuring the melt-in-the-mouth buttery scottish cookie crust,our artisanal mooncakes complements perfectly with the savoury whole salted egg yolk. And best of all our recipe is less sweet which give you quota to enjoy more 😘

BOX of 6pcs and flavors as below:

💛White Lotus with whole salted egg
💚Durian Lotus with whole salted egg

Designs to select from:

Jade Rabbit
Elegant Rose
Mr. Egg
Little Piggy
Fat Totoro

Note: Please select up to 3 designs and indicate under remarks at the checkout page.

[Early bird rate ends on 13 September 2020]

Additional information

Mooncake Flavor

White Lotus with whole salted egg, Durian Lotus with whole salted egg, White Lotus, Durian Lotus


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