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Customized Cakes

Whether it is a birthday, wedding, full month celebration or bridal shower – no celebration is ever complete without a cake. Cakes form a special representation of all the goodness and sweetness that one has in his life, and are an absolutely essential part of sharing happiness with others.

No one can resist moist, yummy cake!

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At Corine & Cake, the appearance of the cake matters as much as the taste- both go hand in hand and complement each other to create the perfect cake. We specialize in making customized as well as non-customized and standard cakes. The ingredients used are fresh and the finest in quality, thus providing the most satisfying and indulgent taste. The finishing is an art that we enjoy, making each cake a cherished memory, not only for the customers but also for ourselves.

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Gourmet Cakes

Individually handmade with quality ingredients and lots of love! Best served at room temperature.

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Baby Friendly Smash Cakes

Eggless and sugarless smash cakes

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Customized Cakes

Beautiful yet delicious

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